You should always break-in a new engine. Here is the method I was shown and it has never failed me.


  1. Always adjust your valves before starting the motor.
  2. Set your low speed needle to be flush with the plastic throttle arm/
  3. Set your high speed needle 5 turns out.
  4. Prime your motor.
  5. Attach the glow igniter to the glow plug.
  6. Start the motor
  7. Leave the glow igniter on the glow plug until the motor runs out of fuel.
  8. Use a Tachometer to ensure the motors RPMs donít exceed 4000.
  9. Run a minimum of 2 tanks though the motor.
  10. Adjust you low speed needle in about 2 1/8 turns
  11. Adjust your high speed needle in.
    1. Use a Tachometer to set the high speed at about 9600 RPMs. There nothing wrong with running your new motor a little rich for the first few tanks.
  12. Itís ready to fly.
    1. For the first few tanks set your throttle trim tab a bit high to make sure she doesnít go dead stick on landing. (This is just a paranoid thing I do)
    2. I also replace the factory glow plug with an OS F type plug.